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The Don Valley Masterplan

Overview of the Masterplan

Rotherham MBC and Sheffield City Council are working together to establish a new vision and masterplan for the Sheffield – Rotherham Don Valley area.

Further information...

Extending from the edge of Sheffield city centre to Rotherham town centre, and south adjacent to the M1 from junction 34 beyond the Parkway, the area takes in a vast amount of traditional manufacturing land.  

This has largely been redeveloped for modern industries and offices but still contains a number of vacant sites. It remains one of the key engines of the Sheffield City Region economy and is home to many world-class manufacturers. 

It also includes housing development opportunities such as in Waverley; the River Don and Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation; tram and train networks; two motorway junctions on the M1; retail centres; and the new Advanced Manufacturing Park at Waverley. The area also sits at the heart of the new Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone.

However, the Sheffield-Rotherham Don Valley currently suffers from a number of physical barriers which may impede future development and growth. 

These obstacles include:
transport infrastructure which is already at capacity;
a perceived high risk of flooding;
a lack of incentives for new manufacturing development; and
a shortage of sites for housing in the immediate area

The Sheffield-Rotherham Don Valley Infrastructure Masterplan will provide a framework for integrating the investment plans of public and private sector stakeholders to address these barriers and to ensure the area is a modern, dynamic and high quality gateway to Sheffield and Rotherham and the wider Sheffield City Region. 


The Draft Vision

"The Don Valley will be a ‘21st Century Workshop’ and an engine for the economies of Sheffield, Rotherham and the wider city region.  It will be nationally and internationally recognised as a mixed, modern and dynamic commercial area, benefiting from well-designed and well-integrated infrastructure which inspires indigenous business growth and attracts inward investment.  

Also offering sustainable residential neighbourhoods, high quality environment and complimentary leisure facilities, the Sheffield-Rotherham Don Valley will be a celebrated visitor destination promoted as a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy."

A draft version of the Masterplan is due to be prepared by the summer of 2012 for consultation prior to approval in late 2012. 

Contact Information

If you would like to learn more, or wish to be involved in the process, please contact Patrick Middleton in Rotherham MBC’s Regeneration Team on 01709 823826 or by email at


For more information and to download the Sheffield Rotherham Masterplan (PDF) and newsletter, visit the webpage here.