About Rotherham

Rotherham has transformed itself over the last decade and is playing a major role in the forefront of Yorkshire’s resurgence. It has a proud industrial heritage, but is now building a new future with exciting new jobs and investment.

Rotherham has created a diverse and thriving local economy, offering excellent conditions for jobs and businesses. Over 100 overseas companies have already invested in Rotherham. They, and local companies, operate across a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, food production, healthcare, automotive components, ICT and other hi-tech industries.

Key facts about Rotherham include:

  • Approximately 65% of the Borough is rural, and the town is surrounded by attractive villages and rolling countryside 
  • It has a population of around 257,000 with a vibrant mix of people, cultures and communities 
  • The quality of life in Rotherham is good, and the cost of living is significantly less than the UK average 
  • It has excellent transport links to both the rest of the country and beyond, served by excellent road, rail and air links, with both the M1 and M18 passing through the borough 
  • It has competitive land prices and is one of the most cost effective locations in the UK
  • The joint Rotherham and Sheffield economy has a larger working age population than Leeds
  • Over 27% of Rotherham's workforce (25,000) work in growth sectors such as advanced manufacturing, creative and digital, business professional & financial services, and energy and environmental. Not only is this the highest proportion of any of the South Yorkshire districts, it is also above the national average of 26%
  • Rotherham has the highest rate of business spend on R & D in South Yorkshire, £2.9M per 10,000 jobs
  • It’s an increasingly prosperous town, with investment at an all-time high, and a vibrant economy